We are proud of all clubs that have given their trust to Quick as a Teamwear brand, including SBV Excelsior and the many amateur clubs. This is not just because we make and deliver sportswear… This is because we are who we are!


As real music lovers talk about the unique quality of the LP, real football fans talk about the unique appearance of the cotton shirt without advertising and the black shoe with white stripes. They talk about those shirts that do not give you a rash when you sweat a bit. And preferably just the club colors. (Heerschop, 2015).

And that is still Quick. Customized design, quality, service and accessible to everyone. As a very Dutch, free-spirited and independent brand, Quick continues the battle. Mind at zero and look at infinity with an eye on the future.


Top sport is also supplied to companies. That is why Quick Teamwear has put together a range of working clothes that combines ultimate freedom of movement with style. We guarantee fast delivery from stock, custom clothing printing, easy online ordering and a helpful customer service that will be happy to help you with your specific questions and wishes.